My trick to make my 2017 annual review blog post easier to write was to create the draft immediately on publishing my 2016 review. I added little bits to it all year and just polished it off in Dec. I’ve already done the same for 2018.

Microblogging feels better to me than tweeting, which I’ve mostly stopped doing. I like that I own the content, and that I’m publishing, rather than sharing. The app makes it easy to publish micro posts, incl. photos, which used to be the missing piece for me.

I’ve been thinking about moving to Ulysses for all my notes and writing, as it has lots of features I like, but it’s a shame it doesn’t have syntax highlighting for code like Bear does. I’m struggling to find any other notes apps for devs that do this.

My Jibun Techo has become my scrapbook this year. As well as tracking when I workout, my weight, meals, and TV/movies I watch, I stick mementos in it when I remember to keep them.

Even if you think your pronouns are obvious, making them explicit makes it more normal for others to do the same. For those whose pronouns aren’t obvious, this is really important. #useyourprivilege

Just remembered to add my preferred pronouns to my bio. Writing a Micro Monday post made me realise it’s helpful to know someone’s pronouns when writing about them in third person. If you haven’t added yours, I recommend it!

For Micro Monday I’d like to recommend following @Aleen. I’d heard many great things about Aleen’s work but never had a chance to interact until we bumped into each other on!

Since the weather was nice last night I decided to sleep in the backyard in a sleeping bag! I’ve never done that before, ever. This is my view from the grass.