Here’s another one: it’s “vice versa”, not “vice versus”. I’m literally reading these weird mis-hearings of sayings and mentioning them as I come across them. That’s two in about five minutes.

PSA: The phrase is “the gist of it…”not “the jest of it”.

Finally deleted my Instagram account yesterday. Final straw was an SMS notification I didn’t ask for that told me to follow celebrities. But I’ve been thinking about doing it for a long time. What held me back were all my saved & liked photos, but I’m glad I finally deleted.

Having a really hard time applying BDD examples of tests on objects like gun or horse to a real-life app that doesn’t have as obvious use-cases. Any good resources on BDD or TDD for iOS welcome!

@manton Is it by design that clicking in the left margin of a post in the Mac app goes to the user’s profile? I keep getting confused when that happens.

Having a hard time finding an iOS app that lets me create and edit Markdown files stored in Dropbox and supports syntax highlighting for code blocks inside those Markdown files. Essentially I want Bear but with open access to my notes. Maybe it doesn’t exist.

Bit confused about why everyone seems to think Swift 4’s Codable is so great. If your JSON doesn’t match your models exactly, it seems like you have to write a lot of code to get the mapping right.