Watched Tim’s Vermeer (IMDB: 7.8, Metascore 76) last night. Enjoyed it a lot—even more than I expected to. Already added it to my 2018 review’s fav. media section.

My side project is stalled 😕 I’m as confused as this person about why there are iOS apps that can run workouts & speak the names of exercises in the background, as there seems to be no legal way to do so.

One thing I’ve noticed about using I like to pose questions to collect recommendations or start a conversation, but since pulls from my microblog, it doesn’t really make sense to do so the way I would in a tweet. Not sure how to handle this yet.

Thanks to a chat with @michal I was inspired to start building an app I’ve had in mind for a while. I made a very rough MVP yesterday. I’m super excited by how much I’ve improved at programming since I started. To be able build an MVP in a day makes me really proud.

Today’s herb update: one of the parsley shoots has unfurled, another is on its way, and there’s a third just sprouting. The coriander now has two shoots. They change so quickly, I can come back in an hour and see new shoots sometimes!

In case you’re curious, here’s where I bought the “culinary herb garden kit” featured in earlier photos (Australian store. It’s cheap and easy to use, so it’s a good way to try growing herbs for the first time!

Currently working on adding a much-requested feature to Exist for iOS: syncing meditation data from Apple Health.

Having a go at growing some herbs


All set up and labelled in their tiny greenhouse.


Sprouts! The rocket was the first to sprout and has grown more (and faster) than any of the others.


While the rocket was busy growing, the coriander just got covered in weird, spindly strands that looked kind of like a spiderweb. But there’s finally some green in the oregano now!


After nothing but spindly spiderweb for ages, the coriander popped up out of nowhere and grew one shoot taller than all the rocket! It now has a second shoot coming up, and the parsley has joined the sprouting party.

I’m excited to be finally writing tests for my main iOS project, but I’m having trouble finding examples of how to test an app that’s based around rendering dynamic data. So far I’m using very fake mock data, but it doesn’t seem like a good enough test for this kind of situation.