I’ve been looking into getting a dog recently and I’ve learned that there are lots of puppy-related scams, you can definitely tell when someone is a real breeder vs. a scammer, it’s difficult to find an adult dog of a sought-after breed, and puppies can cost A LOT.

Last night’s live stream of the Ghan train trip was not slow enough to be slow TV in my opinion. Having said that, it was the perfect pace for me personally and I got sucked in. I especially enjoyed the facts along the way.

Some cards I made for Christmas this year, incl. one I wrote upside down!

I’ve been testing AppCode lately and I *really* love a lot of its clever features, but I also find it *so* ugly and busy-looking that it really gets on my nerves. I miss Xcode’s design when I’m in AppCode, but I miss AppCode’s features when I’m in Xcode.