It seems like there’s nothing in-between email marketing software like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, or just using the BCC field in your email client. Why doesn’t anyone make it easy to send plain text emails to a list of people??

It’s the height of summer and I’m wearing trackpants, socks, and a jumper, and I’m sitting under a doona. I love this.

Since I started cooking real meals more often instead of eating cold beans from a can or jam on toast, I’ve found it a lot harder to eat strictly vegan. For now I’m just trying to eat animal products less often. Easy recipe suggestions without weird alt. ingredients welcome!

Today’s herb growing update: the rocket seems to be struggling. Lots of its long stalks taper at the soil to be so thin they just fall out. We think it might be too crowded. It’s also growing new leaves on the same stalks for the first time! Still nothing from the basil or chives.

We bought a planter today, ready to start moving them to their own pots. The rocket seems ready to have more space. Apparently moving them can be hard on the plants so we’ve given them water to boost their strength before we attempt a move. Fingers crossed we don’t kill any of them!

(Those bits of plastic in front of the planter were broken off it when we opened the box. Quality 👌)

Messy planning for my iOS architecture. It helps to get this stuff on paper so I can think it through with visuals. Using a Midori MD B6 slim notebook.

I really see the value in using fastlane, and I love it when it works, but it has been a constant nightmare trying to get it set up properly. Fighting with tools is a huge part of my experience of iOS development in general.

Tomorrow I’m sending out a special edition of my newsletter, The Monthly Review. This one will collect personal annual reviews for 2017. There’s still time to sign up for the newsletter (Or hit me up if you want to share your review!)